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In English!

Welcome to the web page of the Church of Christ in Udine, Italy.

Click here to read articles in the English language

For our visitors who prefer the English language, we would like to tell you about ourselves as a body of Christians, and invite you to study the Bible with us.

We are a group of Christians who are committed to truly following God's teaching in the New Testament, and to studying God's Word to learn what His will for us is. We believe that the Bible, as it claims, is wholly and completely inspired by God, and that God intends for us to study it and abide by its teaching and authority. It is therefore a perfect authority for us to follow. We need of no additional doctrines or extra-biblical authorities to rightly follow God. We model ourselves and the congregation after the church which Christ established in the first century. We believe the church which Christ established in the first century continues to exist today, and that we are a part of that church. We speak only where the Bible speaks, and are silent where the Bible is silent. We seek to add nothing to it, nor take anything from it.

When you study the New Testament, you will see that the churches of God's people then were local, independent churches. They were united in their beliefs, and their commitment to obedience and faithfulness to God, but each congregation was its own, without any central organization or higher earthly authority. So we are today, an autonomous congregation of Christians. We are not a part of any denomination, nor of the Catholic Church, nor of any religious group which maintains non-biblical doctrines or organizations, such as the Jehovah's Witnesses or the Mormons. We are simply Christians. We seek to study and obey God's inspired Word, and to share it with those who are searching.

Are you searching for the truth?
Are you searching for what the Bible really teaches?
Are you searching to learn what God's will for you is, and what you must do to inherit eternity with Him in heaven?
If so, we hope that you will contact us, and if possible visit and worship with us. We are available to answer any questions you may have, and to study with you personally. If you live beyond the Udine area, we have bible correspondence study materials available, which we are glad to send, and we are aware of several other local congregations of Christians throughout Italy, which may be more convenient for you to contact.

While we are, of course, a congregation of Italians, several of the brethren speak English well. Each Sunday morning, in addition to a Bible class which is taught in Italian, some of the non Italian brethren meet for a Bible class which is taught in English. We hope if you are able that you will take the opportunity to contact us.

You may reach us by e-mail at:

We meet to worship and study God's word at this address in Udine: Via Trento 77

We meet to worship each Sunday morning at 10:00. We normally conclude at around 12:00. We also meet each Thursday evening at 19:00 for a one hour period of Bible study. We periodically host special topical lectures in the Friuli region as well. If you would like to be notified by e-mail when these special lectures are scheduled, please e-mail us, and we will notify you of each scheduled lecture.

You may have noticed that the home page for our congregation, which is in Italian, links to several topics also in Italian. To help you understand what those materials are, here is a list of the topics which are contained in Italian on our web page:

Italian topic
English translation

Chi siamo
Who we are

Diventare Cristiani
To become Christians

La Chiesa di Cristo
The Church of Christ

Lo sapevate che?
Did you know that? (Some flash-information)

Le vostre domande
Your questions

Le parole di Gesù
Jesus words

Richiesta informazioni
Information request

If you would like access to this material, but do not speak Italian, please contact us, so that we may assist you. You may also find the following link of interest. While is has been prepared by Christians in America, we find that it represents what we as Christians in Udine believe, and you may find some very interesting topics within it: www.bible.ca

Thank you for your visit.


Per qualsiasi domanda o informazione contattaci: Info@ChiesadiCristoUdine.it